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M-Arti Springtime

Dear Guests and potential Customers you are welcomed to visit our official web site. You will find here a variety of goods and art materials, which we believe will satisfy your needs regarding quality and prices. We also will surprise you with our promotions and discounts, one of the best in Bulgaria. Our prices are the most advantageous for each product we sell, thus you save money every time you purchase from this site or our shops. Don't miss our promotional events. The most recent promotion is "M-Arti Springtime Bargain-Sale".
"M-Arti Springtime Bargain-Sale" - irresistible offers.
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Ferrario, Sennelier and Raphael
For the company
M-Arti is putting its efforts to be one of the best quality and price importer and wholeseller of art and office materials in Bulgaria. We have and propose on the market a full range of art materials and wooden frames for pictures. Our company policy allows every customer to save up to 60% of the retail price of the art materials. Our desk office is working every day from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and is ready to provide you professional advice and answer all your questions. You order will taken with appropriate care and consideration. Your goods and materials will be delivered to your office, art-shop or studio as soon as possible and in the most efficient way.

SENNELIER is art line since 1887. Established by Gusstav Sennelier the rage of colors of SENNELIER has become a standard for quality for the artists. Nowadays the brand of SENNELIER has become a legend. SENNELIER not only keeps the traditions of the OLD MASTERS, but improves the old traditions using the achievements of the modern chemistry.  Sennelier has been a resource for artists since the era of the Impressionists, and that tradition continues.

RAPHAEL is one of the oldest brands for professional artists brushes in France. Today RAPHAEL offers full rage of professional brushes for artists and one of the best selection of art materials in the Raphael-Luisirs art line for hobby materials.

FERRARIO is well known brand for quality materials for artists since 1919. Today most of the professors in the art academies world-wide are used to the quality of this Italian brand. Established by Mr. Carlo these paints left the bounders of Italy long time ago. FERRARIO was established as manufacture for paints in the beginning of the 20 century to respond to the increased demand of modern artists of high quality paints developed by means of the new technologies. Today FERRARIO also offer the art market its hobby line Asprimo.

PHOENIX is new brand of professional materials for artists. Established in 1998 as manufacture for primed canvas and stretched canvas the company further developed high quality artists’ manufacture using the old traditions, but involving new technologies of production. Nowadays PHOENIX has gained credible name of producer of high quality canvas, paints and equipments for artists. The company is know to be major producer of artist Primed Canvas and Stretched Canvas.

Since 1970 Luch is one of the leaders in office and creative materials kids in Russia. Today Luch offers a world wide quality of materials for creative work: watercolors, gouache, acrylic paints, plasticine, wax and oil pastels, synthetic and PVA glue, brocade and sets for creative arts for kids, window paints and vitrage. Luch is working to be in support of all children and students as well as to everybody who has interest in developing her/himself as young artist.

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M-Arti offers its regular and potential Customers to purchase and activate a Customer Card, which provides opportunity for discount of every product offered by the company on Bulgarian market. The Customer Card is valid for one year and only for products that are not at promotion.
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M-Arti Gifts Voucher
You are not sure about the kind of gift you want to give to fiends and relatives?
M-Arti has taken care of your problem. We offer you to purchase our Gifts Voucher, which will provides you the opportunity to bring more joy to your friend and close relatives. M-Arti vouchers might be at 10, 20 or 50 leva of value and you can use them in our shops in Sofia and Burgas as well as for on-line purchases through our web-site.
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